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OscilloscopesOscilloscopes are devices that allow signal voltages to be viewed. These electronic devices a so versatile that they are widely used in a variety of different fields. Oscilloscopes are used in science, medicine, engineering and other businesses.

Oscilloscopes are capable of measuring the amplitude of a signal, the frequency and reveal distortion in signals. Oscilloscopes enable the user to observe the precise wave shape of an electrical signal. This signal is often displayed graphically on the display screen of the oscilloscope.

One of the more common applications is identifying problems in malfunctioning electronic equipment. Oscilloscopes play an important role in laboratory work as well. Oscilloscopes are used for everything from fine tuning automotive ignition systems to calibrating AB Controllers, to displaying a heartbeat in the form of a wave. Medical stethoscopes are another device that measures medical signals, rather than purely electrical signals.

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